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Change is coming...

We are about to make some pretty big changes, and we expect the changes to take place around the start of November.

One more thing, it's big...

So big we will be changing the way some things get done...

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You found us just in time, and our Mouse Jiggler is made in the United Kingdom and distributed globally.

Welcome to Mouse Jiggler, the ultimate solution for preventing your computer screen from going to sleep. Our innovative tool uses subtle movements to simulate activity on your mouse, keeping your screen awake and active without disrupting your work or entertainment. Whether you're a designer working on a long project, a gamer in the middle of a marathon session, or simply someone who wants to avoid the hassle of constantly waking up their screen, Mouse Jiggler has you covered. Plus, our compact and portable design means you can easily take it with you wherever you go. Try Mouse Jiggler today and say goodbye to frustrating screen sleeps!"